What Is The Best Way To Sell Your SEO Services This Year?

SEO As A Service

As years pass by, more and more advancements in technology as well as businesses can be seen. Businesses have evolved and used internet or the World Wide Web as a tool for marketing. Now, how are you going to sell SEO to your prospective clients? Let’s find out.


Well, every move should start with planning, right? Planning is really crucial here. You don’t want to be in a war without any arms or defenses. Your plan serves as your armor. What are the things that you need to plan?

Prospecting Clients

If you are going to wait for clients to come to you and ask for your service, I bet you will have a hard time on that. You have to make your move. Do the first step. Look for clients who need your help. Research about them and find anything relevant about them. Why do I mean by relevant? Search for their business review and look into their Social Media. These things will guide you on how you are going to approach them. You can’t just approach them and do talking without prior research. Also, clients will appreciate the fact that you took your time to know them first.


You are done listing your prospective clients but we have to make sure if there are qualified. They have to qualify first so that you will know whether to pursue the sales process or not. What are the qualifications? Here are some of them.

  • Is SEO fit for their business?
  • Do they have the capabilities to afford your service?
  • Are their goals/needs attainable?

You can add more of the qualifications. Once you have identified the ones you are going to pursue, you can now layout your plans for them using the knowledge from your researches.

Prepare a Presentation

You are not ready for battle if you are not prepared. Given that you researched about the clients. Make sure you make a presentation that is fit for them. Having a presentation is also a way to impress the client and is another point for you. It will also catch their attention and make your speech livelier. Also, you can use graphic presentations so that your clients will complete relate to your thoughts.

Seo Plans

Keep things simple.

When approaching a client, be honest, transparent and simple. Simplicity is beauty. Some owners are not familiar with technical jargons so you have to talk things in Layman’s terms. This move will make clients think that you are trying to help them understand the ins and outs of SEO. Lay the groundwork as neat as you can. If they ask questions which you do not know the answer, be honest. Do not pretend. Sometimes clients will try to trick you by asking questions.

Build trust.

You started your way out being honest, so they are now starting to build trust on you. Always listen with your ears and not your mouth. Understand fully what they say and how they say it. That way you can analyze things and prepare answers. You want to focus on having them as satisfied clients. If they have the confidence and trust in you, you will surely land the deal. It is also a top priority to explain to them your goals and how long will it take. SEO is a long term process. Have your clients be aware of that. In that case, if your client agrees with your proposition, it means that you got it!

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What is New in CSS3

Border radius

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet which is a style sheet language applied to change the presentation or look and formatting of a web page written in HTML or XML. CSS uses easy to understand English words for different style properties. CSS can be considered as a list of rules and each of the rules contains one or more selectors.

What is CSS3?

CSS3 is the most recent version of CSS which is completely backwards compatible that means all the browsers support the previous versions of CSS.  CSS3 was created to make Web designer’s life easier but it became a much discussed topic for a while since most browsers did not support it. However, trends have been changed rapidly in web technology and all browser designers presently are including complete CSS3 support in the browsers. Now all the modern browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini and latest version of Internet explorer support CSS3. CSS3 comes with a lot of awesome new features and excitements. Today we will discuss about some exiting new features that are included in CSS3.

CSS3 Module: Unlike the prior versions of CSS, CSS3 has divided the specification into small “modules”. Every module either represents the new functionality or modifications to the earlier specification.

There are more than 50 CSS modules are available. Some of the most important modules are Selectors, Box Model, Text Effects, Background and Borders, Image Values and Replaced Content, 2D/3D Transformations, Multiple Column Layout, Animations, User Interface etc.

CSS3 Borders: With CSS3, you can easily add rounded borders to any HTML element. You can also give shadows to the boxes, and use images as a border – without having any design program, like Photoshop or illustrator.

There are three border properties are available in CSS3, They are:

border-radius: Used to make rounded corners


box-shadow: used to add shadows to different elements

css3 box shadow

border-image: With border-image property you can easily use an image as a border of the boxes

CSS3 Animations: Using this feature, you can animate most of the HTML elements without any help of Flash or JavaScript! CSS animation is supported by majority of the browsers, even in Internet Explorer (since version 10). You will find two techniques to make CSS3 animations. The first method is relatively simple; it is performed via animating CSS properties with the transition effect. Using transitions, you can make hover or mouse down effects. You can also bring in the animation by altering the style of the HTML element using JavaScript.

The second method of creating animations is a little bit difficult – it entails the outline of particular times of the animation with the @keyframes rule. Keyframes maintain what styles the HTML element will have at particular times.

Calculating Values With calc(): This is another cool feature of CSS3 that allows web developers to perform basic math calculations in CSS. This feature can be used anywhere when a length, size, angel, percentage or pixels is needed.

CSS3 gradients: CSS3 gradients allow you to show simple transitions among two or more specific colors. Previously, we needed to use images to bring in this kind of effects. But, by applying CSS3 gradients we can easily minimize the downloading time and the usage of bandwidth. Additionally, if you zoom any element it looks much better if you use CSS3 gradient

There are two kinds of gradients in CSS3: Linear Gradients and Radial Gradients.